People: PC Bill Lyle and Family of Pensilva

The following email has been received from Sally Perkins in Australia:-

Good evening, my family lived in Pensilva for a couple of years, leaving to move to Australia in June 1971. I remember Pensilva very well, being almost 9 when we left. My Mum, Kathleen, was fascinated to read the account from the doctor's wife and see all the old photos too. We'd like to ask about the PC Lyle who "arrested vagrants in 1871" (on your web page). My Dad was the 'village Bobby' in 1971, his name was William Robert Lyle (Bill). Is it possible there were TWO PC Lyle's 100 years apart? If there's still anyone living there who might remember our family, we would love to hear from you! My name is Sally, I have a younger brother, Chris, and 2 younger sisters, Jackie and Gina.

If anyone remembers PC Bill Lyle and his family please contact the History Group and we can pass on any information or details to Sally in Australia.

The story about PC Lyle 'arresting vagrants' on the Homepage that Sally refers to actually happened in Penzance not Pensilva. According to old census records the following were the Police Constables in Pensilva:-

1871 John Minear, 1881 Thomas Brown, 1891 Richard Jewels, 1901 John Roles, 1911 James Pyper (Researched by Alistair Taylor of the Pensilva History Group).

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