People: The Tregilgas Family

The following email has been received from Janet Knowles:-

John Treligas

My maiden name was Janet Tregilgas born 19/02/1951 in Burnley, and I am the daughter of Ernest Lee Tregilgas born 10/05/1925 and died this year 07/02/2015. He was the son of James Henry Tregilgas born (I think - 1878) in Pensilva who was the son of Emma Tregilgas. Dad (Ernest) said that the family were starving after the death of John Tregilgas and that Emma came up to Burnley with her 4 children, and pregnant, in about 1887 to stay with her sister and famiy. The part of Burnley where a lot of Cornish miners lived was an area of a few terraced streets on the outskirts of town known as Little Cornwall - I remember seeing it as a child.

Emma Treligas

Janet has also emailed to say that she remembers as a child in the 1950's visiting Pensilva with her father and calling in a village shop and her Dad asking about her great Aunt Selina.

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