Places: Craddock Moor Mine

With an annual production of just over 2000 tons this was the smallest mine in the area that managed to yield dividends. The operation part of the mine lay on the south eastern corner of Craddock Moor, close to the rich West and South Caradon Mines. In 1863 Craddock Moor Mine was at its peak of production after a period of rapid expansion which had shown a small profit for its adventurers. By the end of 1862 a total dividend of £8018 had been paid against a cost of £8440, repaying the original investment made nine years earlier.

Work originally started at Craddock Moor in 1844 and after two failed attempts a successful working was commenced in 1854 by Henry Taylor, which reached production within two years. 1863 was to prove a mixed year for the mine's fortunes, with profits and losses being declared at different shareholder meetings. Neither the profits nor losses were large enough to trigger a payment of dividend or a call on its shareholders. Little or no share trading occurred in the year, leaving the company in a similar position at the end of 1863 to thatr at which it started. Poor quality of ore from Vivian's lode was blamed for the losses incurred, causing the first quarters ore to sell below £5 a ton.

Craddock Moor's workings were concentrated in the south east corner of the sett near its border with the West Caradon Mine. 250 people were employed with two rotary engines at work, a 24 inch and a 14 inch.

Production declined after 1863 and the mine closed ten years later in 1873/74. Some modern small scale working may have occurred between 1907 and 1913.

Craddock Moor Mine was worked to a depth of 100 fathoms and produced 2076 tons of copper. The chimneys at Edmnonds Shaft still stand, forming a prominent landmark on the open moorland south west of the village of Minions. The site is in open ground and can be visited by walking from the Hurlers car park.

Grid Reference: SX258 723 Acknowledgement: John Manley's 'The Liskeard Mining Area in 1863'

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