Places: The Research Hub - Local and Family History

A new research 'hub' has been built in Liskeard to help local residents trace their family roots and research local history.

The new facility, which opens on 1st February 2013, at Stuart House in Barras Street, will give users access to local newspaper files from the 1800s, Cornish parish records, census material and information on births, deaths and marriages. Access will be free of charge though there will be a charge for printing.

Developed by the Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project (CHAHP) and The Stuart House Trust, the project has also brought back to life 19th century copies of the Cornish Times newspaper.

From Friday 1st February members of the public will be able to access digital copies of the weekly newspaper from the first edition published in January 1857 to December 1900.

The CHAHP is a community-focused support organisation for a range of heritage projects in the Caradon Hill area.

Ian Rowe, Project Officer for the Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project said: "CHAHP is a Heritage Lottery Funded Living Landscape Partnership Project helping to recognise, conserve and enhance the area's special character. We aim to involve local residents in all aspects of their heritage and landscape, to celebrate local distinctiveness. The ability to be able to find out about the physical and social past of the area through contemporary documents is crucially important to those seeking to understand how the area we live and work in today evolved."

Anyone interested in using the research suite should contact The Stuart House Trust - or phone 01579 347347 or visit

Details of the local natural and historical environment groups can be found on the CHAHP website - - click on 'Community' tab and 'Groups'. Regular updates about walks, talks, workshops and events are added daily to the website. If you would like to receive email updates regarding events, please email Tammy - - ask to be added to 'Friends of CHAHP' mailing list.

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